The Virtual
Care Platform

Sophisticated enough to meet the demanding needs of an M.D. or Case Manager yet simple enough for people that are new to interacting with web, mobile health and remote monitoring technologies.

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Wellness is always on

We believe everyone should have access to technology that allows individuals, doctors, caregivers and family members to collaboratively manage health and wellness—as a cohesive team—anytime, anywhere.

Less time at the doctor’s office, less cost; more time doing things you love

With Televero, it’s easy to create personalized care plans, use commercially available sensors (like blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, weight scales), set goals, schedule video enhanced consults with doctors and other health professionals, and REMOTELY MONITOR HEALTH 24/7.

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Visualized, near real-time analytics

Televero collects near-instantaneous health and wellness data and displays them in stunning graphical form, giving people visual cues about how they might improve their wellbeing. Near real-time, individualized feedback is key to positive change. Televero’s analytics platform can provide the tools needed to identify potential problems before they occur.

A new &
better lifecare

Televero is ushering in the end of the traditional healthcare provider-patient relationship by designing simple, elegant, intelligent, mobile and social technologies that create meaningful experiences for people.

Become part of the fastest growing virtual health-enabled community. Find out how engaging, adaptable, insightful and cost effective virtual care can be. Call us today to find out how to start using Televero to improve your health and wellness program.

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